Workforce Planning and Absence Management
in a Single, Integrated Solution

The Smarter Solution

The pioneer in substitute teacher placement software has been re-engineered to provide K-12 school districts a comprehensive workforce planning solution. SmartFind is the only ADVANCED solution that features the built-in analytical tools and report templates needed to ensure every classroom is led by a qualified instructor — every day.

Workforce Planning

  • Fill Rate Metrics provide key workforce planning information and predict fill rates by key parameters
  • Real-Time Actionable Data shows you what to do right now to tackle your critical workforce issues
  • Custom Report Library features planning templates to meet your workforce management needs

Absence Management

  • Best Match Technology automatically searches and contacts the most qualified substitute for a specific vacancy
  • Full Communication Suite for a customized and convenient user interface method
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard that’s fully automated, intuitive, and easy to navigate

Our Proprietary Solution

With our state-of-the-art Workforce Intelligence Response Engine™ (W.I.R.E.) – which incorporates patent-pending, iterative learning technology and predictive analytics – SmartFind has evolved absence management from simple substitute placement to advanced workforce planning.

SmartFind delivers the most dynamic tracking, reporting, and analytical support system available in the K-12 education field today — designed to:

Locate substitutes to fill classroom vacancies faster than ever before
Make the placement process easier for teachers, substitutes, and administrators alike
Provide groundbreaking workforce intelligence tools that make absence management smarter and more efficient over time
Plug into W.I.R.E. for the proprietary, predictive power of workforce data and analytics.
Plug into W.I.R.E.
Powered by TeacherMatch

TeacherMatch is the creator of a revolutionary hiring tool using advanced technology and high-level analytics to predict the impact teacher candidates will have on student achievement. Founded by a group of dedicated, passionate, and experienced educators, this innovative company is built around the idea that teachers are the most critical factor in:

  • Fostering whole student development
  • Delivering measurable academic growth and achievement
  • Advancing district/school performance and reputation

In collaboration with our skilled technology group and renowned university-based research partners, TeacherMatch offers a data-driven, people-powered formula for success for K-12 education talent management. SmartFind taps the power of TeacherMatch to deliver a state-of-the-art absence management and workforce planning solution.

A Powerful Partnership

SmartFind, built upon our proprietary, state-of-the-art Workforce Intelligence Response Engine™ (W.I.R.E.), turns the transaction of finding the right substitute into a powerful workforce planning solution for school districts. In a single, integrated SaaS-based platform that includes a free mobile app for all iOS, Android and Windows platform smartphones and tablets, SmartFind’s intelligent substitute placement uses exclusive “Best Match Technology” to automatically search, contact, and assign the most qualified substitute to fill a specific classroom absence. SmartFind also streamlines, customizes, and automates workforce planning of all district employees, and provides powerful reporting and advanced analytics for more strategic and informed workforce planning decision-making.

W.I.R.E. is short for Workforce Intelligence Response Engine™ — SmartFind’s proprietary analytics engine that leverages patent-pending, iterative learning technology and predictive analytics to ensure that the SmartFind system is learning and getting smarter and more predictive every time it is used. This data-driven technology provides districts with real-time data and intel-generating features and functionality, like predicting fill rates, which make your jobs easier and more efficient.

SmartFind takes absence management to the next level by automating all absence management processes and eliminating tedious processes, such as manually recording teacher absences and calling substitutes over the phone. For example, a teacher who wakes up at 5:00 a.m. with the flu can simply pick up their smartphone, tap the SmartFind application, and create and submit an absence, as well as add notes about the day’s lessons. Then, as the best-qualified substitutes receive notifications on their smartphones, they can accept the job with the tap of a button. Administrators can also monitor real-time fill rate performance on their mobile devices. These streamlined processes help free up staff time for higher-value activities such as workforce forecasting and planning to strategically identify human capital needs.

Our new SmartFind mobile app is 100% free, with no hidden or incremental charges to download or use it. It supports all iOS, Android and Windows platforms for mobile and tablet usage. Its interface was built with our three key users specifically in mind: administrators, substitutes and teachers/staff.

SmartFind's analytics engine, powered by TeacherMatch, enables users to select from some of the most widely used report templates in K-12 education, including valuable planning reports designed to monitor your district’s ACA program and help inform modifications that will maximize its efficiency. Additionally, SmartFind also gives users control to create their own reports, through a simple custom reporting interface. These reports enable districts to access on-demand, real-time, information to anticipate and plan for potential problems.

We are a true partner and follow a proven implementation process that meets the specific needs of each district. We start by reviewing business processes with key stakeholders to establish the needs and goals for the system. A dedicated planning team works closely with your IT group to establish your district’s settings. The settings are then configured to meet the specific needs of your district. We also deliver In-depth SmartFind training for administrators, operators, and users prior to the go-live date, and we train your district team on registration, functionality, and usage so they can train your substitutes and teachers.

Because SmartFind is a mission-critical system that must work right away, the system is “dry run” tested by school district users and SmartFind personnel before the go-live date. On the go-live date, the system will be up and running; staff can immediately begin to schedule absences and SmartFind will automatically start trying to find the most qualified substitutes.

Yes, SmartFind is a state-of-the-art absence management and workforce planning system that integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), human resources, and payroll/time and attendance platforms, allowing your district to schedule synchronized system updates with other information systems. SmartFind also integrates with the full suite of Advanced Education Talent Management™ solutions available from TeacherMatch.

A live, personalized demo is the best way to explore how SmartFind can work for your district. A SmartFind representative will be happy to walk you through the system and answer your questions. To schedule your SmartFind demo, contact us now or call 888.312.7231.

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