Activate W.I.R.E. for Better Informed Planning

Our Workforce Intelligence Response Engine™ is driven by the pinpoint power of data and analytics, and provides you with instant-access, intel-generating features and functionalities that make your jobs easier and more efficient.

Projected Fill Rate

Predict Fill Rates Predict Fill Rates

SmartFind is the only absence management system that allows you to predict fill rates at any given point in time — including:

  • By school, area, district
  • By month, week, specific day of week
  • By substitute pool, group, individual

How does it work? Every time a substitute responds to a job opening, your SmartFind system engine is activated — generating critical analytics to help you better understand absence patterns and behavior on core Fill Rate Metrics.

Best Match Technology Best Match Technology

SmartFind's revolutionary Best-Match Technology automatically searches and contacts the most qualified substitute available to fill a specific vacancy:

  • Screens for administrator-configured parameters, skill sets, district/agency guidelines, etc.
  • Plus, continues contacting substitutes in order of “Best Match” ranking until vacancy is filled

Real-Time Actionable Data Real-Time Actionable Data

Other absence management systems talk about “real-time” visibility, SmartFind takes action and shows what you can do right now to tackle a variety of critical workforce issues and needs.

With the click of a mouse, discover:

  • Which substitutes from your pool have been contacted using our exclusive “Best Match Technology”
  • Who has/has not responded — and denied or accepted
  • What action(s) you can take instantly to resolve a crisis . . . e.g., send an email or text alert to all available subs in district, or geo-target subs most likely to get to the classroom on time

Utilize W.I.R.E. to Configure Reports to Your Precise Specifications

The SmartFind WorkForce Intelligence Response Engine features an extensive library of absence management report templates for critical human resource and workflow data collection and analysis.

  • Enjoy complete control and customization of search criteria, highly granular and specific to district needs, guidelines, and requirements
  • Set up automatic reporting in a variety of formats, and save and e-file reports for reuse and editing
  • Use the SmartFind Simulation/Scenario Planning Tool to forecast absence trends and indicate future days when the absence rate may exceed the average fill rate
  • Give approved users access to a digital library of shared reports

User-Defined Report Designer

SmartFind also includes a custom report design tool with a drag-and-drop feature to define fields for preparing highly specialized reports built around the specific needs of your unique workforce planning system.


Custom Reports Make
Affordable Care Act Compliance Easier

To assist in the implementation, management, and analysis of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines and mandates applicable to our district partners, SmartFind offers customized reports to help track substitute pool work hours — including:

Custom Reports: Affordable Care Act Compliance
  • Job Inquiry Report lists each job worked by Substitute by time period with Totals by Reason
  • Substitute Time Worked Report tallies total hours worked by each substitute teacher by period
  • Substitute Detail Report offers a more detailed account by specific substitute for designated time periods
  • Maximum Hours Worked Restrictor restricts substitute time worked by day, week, or month as determined by district ACA policy guidelines

SmartFind also offers a valuable planning report designed to monitor your district’s ACA program — and help inform modifications that will maximize program efficiency. The Average Hours Worked Report:

  • Determines who will be eligible for ACA benefits
  • Identifies substitutes/groups that have exceeded work hour limits — and what restrictors are needed
  • Uses timely data to estimate the financial impact of the policies your district puts into place

Seamless Integration with
Talent Management Systems

SmartFind features real-time, holistic integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR management,
and time and attendance payroll platforms, allowing you to synchronize system updates with other information
systems in your district.

SmartFind also integrates with the TeacherMatch Advanced Education Talent Management™ software portfolio —
a fully automated and integrated solution to recruit, assess, engage/onboard, induct, develop, grow, manage — and retain
high-quality instructors over the course of their professional life cycle.

360 System
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