Introducing Our One-of-a-Kind
SmartFind® Mobile App!
Coming Summer 2017!

SmartFind® Mobile App!

Designed for Convenience. Built for Efficiency.


Easily manage all your workforce planning and absence management needs from anywhere
in one-to-three clicks with our NEW SmartFind mobile app!

Absolutely FREE for employees and substitutes! No download charge or additional service fees.
Seamless integration for ANY platform or device. Supports iOS, Android, and Windows platforms for mobile and tablet usage.
More Interactivity with in-app notifications and text message alerts!

Exclusively from SmartFind!


SMARTER Workforce Planning and
Absence Management for Administrators

Real-Time Fill Rate
  • Manage efficiently with simple admin dashboards — like Real-Time Fill Rate
  • Search, view, create, and modify jobs, absences, and vacancies for all of your locations
  • Review and approve/deny absences and timesheets
  • Manage your admin profile

A FASTER Way for Substitutes to Secure Jobs

  • Utilize in-app and text messaging capabilities for instant job notifications and automatic job acceptance
  • Shop for and accept jobs in multiple districts — then get directions and add to your calendar
  • Manage your substitute profile, schedule, and work preferences
  • Create and manage timesheets

EASIER Absence Management for Teachers and Staff

Manage Absences
  • Create, view, and modify absences — including leaving notes for the substitute and adding absences to your calendar
  • View absence approval status
  • Manage your employee profile and work schedule
  • Easy communication with in-app notifications and announcements
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