An Easy-to-Use Interface WIRED for Every User Group

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SmartFind is ready to handle every absence management need — from an upcoming professional learning event to a last-minute illness. Our “Best Match Technology” is programmed to fill classrooms with the best substitute teachers prepared to prevent lost learning time.


School Administrators

Maintain all location job and profile inquiries, approve absences, prepare custom reports, and more.

  • Real-time job fill rate chart for schools
  • Extensive library of data-driven report templates
  • Up-to-the-minute update of available substitute pool and schedules

System Administrators

Manage, run, and review all workforce planning details; easy to configure and set parameters, evaluate system operations, prepare specialized reports, and more.

  • Real-time job fill rate chart for districts
  • Total flexibility, customization, and control of all system components
  • Multi-district substitute placement management


Manage job schedules and profiles, search for available jobs, and review or modify assignments.

  • Instant text alert of job notifications
  • Automatic job acceptance via text
  • View, pre-qualify, and select jobs based on parameters
  • Multi-district substitute placement support

Teachers and Staff

Employees login or call to create an absence, send messages, attach teaching aids, and more.

  • Simple, quick, easy-to-use system interface
  • Ability to request a specific substitute teacher
  • Request/track approvals of future days off